Who are we?

Who are we?

Bullion247 is conceived as a unique Blockchain based platform that fosters responsible sourcing of precious metals, their fungibility and stakeholders’ confidence & trust through the digitization of the international bullion trading marketplace.

As a constituent of the USA headquartered Bullion247 Corporation , Bullion247 has a presence in key African gold hubs. Bullion247’s business model is founded on the bedrock of a transparent ecosystem & will benefit immensely from the Bullion247 group one-stop solution from mine to market strategy.


Responsible Gold Sourcing

Bullion247 is a staunch proponent of responsible gold sourcing deploying ethical and sustainable practices in the extraction, production and distribution of gold. This encompasses various factors throughout the supply chain such as environmental impact, labour conditions, community involvement and transparency. Bullion247’s gold procurement focus is primarily from the Central Banks of African countries and the government identified and registered suppliers who meet our stringent onboarding policies.

Mine to Market – We are future-ready

Our Group’s comprehensive mine-to-market philosophy helps to detect and resolve bottlenecks and subsequently optimize all steps along the value chain.

The mining value chain—which includes everything from extracting raw material to delivering finished products to customers—is the backbone of our operations.
Our mine-to-market performance is enhanced due to two underlying factors:
1) organizational enablement and 2) data and tech architecture.

Track and Traceability

The Track & Traceability of gold is an increasingly important issue in the global gold industry. We at Bullion247 have been championing this cause to ensure that the origin of gold procured can be traced back to the mine i.e. its point of origin. Additionally, track & traceability requires that all the parties involved in the supply chain adhere to responsible practices aimed at ensuring that the use of conflict gold or illegal gold is eschewed.


Bullion Trading Center has been operating in Dubai for nearly a decade and is the first venture by its mother company Egypt Gold into the UAE. Originally established by the Nassar Family in the historical area of
Al Hussein in Cario, the family-run business has expanded across the region, with 7 associated companies that lead the precious metals and luxury jewelry industry for more than 85 years. Through our trading
company and refinery, we offer a broad range of services, including the buying, selling, importing, exporting, and hedging of precious metals.


Building on this legacy and its extensive expertise in gold trading, BTC provides you with a safe and secure solution to invest in physical bars of both gold and silver bullion, which come from our own
refinery, and from the world’s leading bullion brands.


To provide clients interested in gold trading with a wide range of convenient services, BTC’s secure trading platforms are equipped with the world’s latest technology and real-time data to help our users
make timely informed decisions.



Bullion247 offers a wide range of services, including hedging, trading, purchasing, and selling of precious metals.


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